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"The reason many people get sick is because they think what makes them sick as something that should make them happy."
Gerald Huether

Mental Training

Mental Training

All we need for a happy and content life is inner clarity and more understanding of ourselves. Sometimes we get stuck in old patterns and are blocked, not seeing the proverbial forest of trees. This may even affect our physical well-being and cause pain. Mental training is used to recognize and understand beliefs, values, memories and experiences. My counseling allows us to readjust these old principles in order to open new doors, to be able to develop further and thus also to increase our physical well-being again


About me


Sports and exercise have been an essential part of my life since childhood. Since then, I have been exploring the question of how best to lead a healthy lifestyle. After a lot of education and training in the field of movement science and prevention, I started my own business in 2012.

The mental aspect, whether to improve performance in sports or for a healthy lifestyle, became more and more present. I simply noticed that you can't look at body and psyche separately, as it is a unit that should be in balance. Since then, I have been working more and more with mental training and have continued my education on the psychological level.

You can find more about my education and training here.

With the help of different methods, physical and mental, I support my clients: 

- To balance physical imbalances and thereby increase well-being

- Change existing structures and enhance personal development

- Consolidate self-confidence and mental strength

- Overcome crises and blockades

- Dealing with fears and letting go of old patterns or connections

If you have any questions or individual inquiries, please feel free to contact me!




Über mich

"If you want to become what you ought to be, you have to let be what you are now."
Meister Eckhart


Mental Training

We rebalance your body and mind so you can unlock your full potential.

Body & Mind

We identify imbalances in your body and I show you effective exercises for your everyday life. However, the body is rarely the sole cause: only when we include the mind can we fully uncover and resolve the underlying issues.

Together we determine which behavioral patterns or beliefs are blocking your well-being. In our work we focus on bringing clarity and orientation into your professional or private life situations.


With my free online meditations I help you to let go of thoughts and gain more serenity.



"I have found acertain awareness. Thank you dear Andrea. I will stay with you and learn and implement much more from you."


School Secretary



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