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"That is one of the secrets of life - to cure the soul by means of the senses, and the senses by means of the soul."
[Oscar Wilde]

Physis - The Body

"You must offer something good to the body so that the soul wants to live in it." [Winston Churchill]

Thanks to my training in the physical field with a focus on the spine (scoliosis), orthopedic pathologies, movement analysis and classical Pilates, I can perform an initial physical check with you. We take a look at the imbalances in your body, the medical diagnoses and the exercises you have already done. In this process, we identify which exercises you might want to integrate into your training or optimize if necessary.

I will show you effective movements and easy-to-implement exercises that you can easily integrate into your everyday life and perform easily at home, for instance, to relax and strengthen your back.

Gain confidence that you are really achieving the best for your physical health in this area.

My many years of experience have shown, however, that the body is rarely the sole cause of the complaints. Only by involving the mind are we able to fully uncover and resolve the underlying issues. In most cases, we can significantly increase your well-being and alleviate or even overcome discomfort by taking this holistic approach.

This is how you can live your best self!


Maybe you dream of completing a marathon, a triathlon or a challenging mountain hike? Mental training can also be of great benefit to (competitive) athletes, as it offers room for an increase in your mental strength in addition to your physical performance.

I am happy to assist you in this area as well.

Psyche - The Mind

"If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the mind." [Plato]

Together we will explore which behavioral patterns or beliefs are blocking your well-being. But not only physical discomfort can be the reason to look at your own soul. Perhaps you are also striving for personal development, want to explore new possibilities and paths or change existing structures. You would like to finally stop the mental carousel, feel more comfortable and self-confident in your own skin and simply face life day by day with more satisfaction and serenity. Mental training can support you on this journey.

What comes into clarity can also be changed

This important guiding principle has always accompanied me, because: Root cause and result are our personal responsibility. As soon as we become aware of this and gain clarity about it, we have the opportunity to work on it, to realign our situation and to bring in change.

In our collective work, we focus on providing you with clarity and orientation in professional or private life situations. In addition, I support you in developing your mental strength and in increasing your self-confidence on various levels. I show you ways and possibilities to master crises and to solve blockades, whether from childhood or in dealing with fears, such as before exams or performances. In our interaction you will realize how to let go of old patterns or connections.

Mental Training

In my years of working in the field of movement science and prevention, it has become clear to me: Body and psyche are closely related. Behind physical imbalances there are often psychological causes. 

That's why I focus on the combination of body and mind in my work. Together we will find out what is good for you and what will bring you forwards - physically and mentally. With targeted exercises for the body as well as methods for the psyche, we can restore your balance.

We bring body and mind back into harmony so that you can develop your full potential.

I look forward to exploring this synergy with you!

(Physical ailments should always be clarified by a doctor first).

Trust is important: If we realize in our first meeting after 10 minutes that a cooperation is not possible, I will of course not charge anything.

My Techniques

I assist you in uncovering and transforming your subjects. There are many methods and none is better than the other. Except, of course, the methods that suit you. Because as individual as we are, so should be the methods that deal with our mind. Together we will see what suits you best, whether you prefer talking or being creative, for example. Here I present two of my favorite methods. But that doesn't mean that I don't have others in my toolkit for your special type of person and your subjects...

The System Board

The advantage of the system board is that it offers you countless possibilities to illuminate different phases of life and situations, both in the areas of family, partnership and friendship, as well as on a professional level or in finding goals. With a constellation, you get a better understanding of your issues and have the opportunity to readjust and adjust them. With the newly gained knowledge, you can consciously achieve positive changes. The system board represents your subconscious, which calls all your information, such as from your childhood, with the board into consciousness and you thus get clarity about yourself. And what comes into clarity is also changeable, creates new perspectives and approaches to solutions.

Creative counseling: painting and self-design

Creative counseling is a very good method to first let your picture, drawing or personal design speak, because "a picture is worth a thousand words.” Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology and worked with this method. Your pictures, symbols but also dreams, are your very personal messages that rest within you. Through the contemplation of the inner and the subconscious you gain access to yourself and thus have the possibility to come out of the unconscious into the conscious.


In painting design I have also had very good experience in the therapy of children,

for example, with an ADHD diagnosis.

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