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Control Balance comes from classical Pilates and is a very demanding mat exercise. Only those who are in balance with themselves can implement this movement consciously and correctly. Many of my participants perceive this exercise in the same way during training and feel when the exercise can be implemented well or not due to an unbalanced day and they are not in the "here and now".
This is reflected not only in Pilates, but also in all other life situations, both private and professional. Only those who are physically and mentally in harmony with themselves and are balanced in their daily lives will make the right decisions for themselves.

In order to be consciously in the "here and now", we should find our personal balance in every phase of life. Daily challenges always provide us with new views and perspectives through which we can develop further if we accept them and learn from them.

That's why, for me, "Control Balance" is much more than just a Pilates exercise. It stands for: Staying in your center - both physically and mentally, finding your own personal beneficial balance and always maintaining your mental strength and trusting your values and beliefs.


My strengths are many years of experience working with people, both in the sports and mental areas. Through my sensitivity and empathy I can put myself in different situations and be supportive to others.

My education and training:

Mental Trainer
Mental coach
Relaxation trainer
System board consultant
Life and social counselor (current training in Vienna)

Personal trainer
Classical Pilates mat and equipment trainer
Pre- and Postnatal Pilates
Spine Trainer
Kinesiology Taping
Orthopedic clinical pictures
Movement Analysis



My vision is to support people to go their way, to move forward, not to stand still. Only if we work on ourselves, we can become the best version of ourselves and that is the essence of a happy and fulfilled life with all its ups and downs.

Explore your world

Mental strength is the foundation for taking control of your life and creating and maintaining balance. This topic is becoming more and more important in today's world. External influences and the stress associated with them sometimes make us despair and our situation seems hopeless.

That is why I accompany you in this process:
- to bring body, mind and soul into a balance
- to get to know yourself and your needs
- to step out of your comfort zone
- to look at different points of view
- to listen to yourself and others mindfully
- to reflect
- to increase your potential
- to achieve your desires and goals

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